Infrared heater / IR 1800W

IR1800 Eldom


2 years
full guarantee

Height x Width х Depth [mm] 133 x 610 x 103
Weight [kg] 1.8

We would like to introduce to You the new ELDOM appliance – heater with infrared heating elements. Its heating elements operate within the spectrum of the longwave infrared rays. It is designed for heating bathrooms, but as well balconies and other open spaces.

Why choose an ELDOM warmer with infrared heaters:
- For maximum comfort – provides a feeling of comfort and warmth, just as the sun.
- Economic with uniform heating - the infrared heater heats evenly by priority the bodies, and not the surrounding air, which makes it less energy consuming.
- Quiet operation – when warming with infrared heaters, the air in the room remains motionless, unlike when heated with fan heaters.
- Universal application – the device can be used for heating bathrooms, terraces and other open spaces thanks to its stainless heating elements. They are resistant to the direct contact with sprayed water, unlike the quartz heaters.

• Product manufactured in EU;
• Designed for heating bathrooms, terraces and other open spaces;
• Two electric infrared heaters x 900W, manufactured by ELDOMINVEST;
• Very long heater life 25 000-30 000 hours;
• Two degrees of warming: 900W and 1800W;
• Adjustable inclination;
• Protection against water spray IP25;
• Easy switch of power settings;
• Four position operation key;
• Power force indicator;
• Cord with plug.

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Infrared heater / IR 1800W