Water heater 80 L M2, Electronic control, Enameled



3 years full warranty
full guarantee

Installation Vertical
Water tank Enameled
Capacity range 80
Nominal pressure [MPa] 0.7
Dimensions ØxH [mm] 387 x 1125
Electric heating element + one heat exchanger
Pipes diameter (plumbing system / heat exchanger) 1/2" / 1/2"
Nominal power (kW) 3
Control electronic control
Energy efficiency class B
Standing loss [W] 44
Height x Width х Depth [mm] 1125 x 387 x 410
Weight [kg] 35
Nominal volume [l] 80


• A unique combined electronic controller, with a large LED display that provides precise control of the heating system, integrated into the water heater itself;
• The electronic module combines the precise control of electrical heater with control of the solar collector operation;
• Energy from the electrical heater only added in case that the water heated by alternative energy sources is not sufficient;
• Anti-freeze protection to the water heater, as well as the solar collector;
• Diagnostics on all circuits used;
• Intelligent “self-learning” software;
• Programmable electrical heater turning on and off;
• Possible to measure in kWh the electrical energy consumed;
• Simultaneous display of the water temperature in the water heater and the temperature in the heat exchanger of the solar collector and / or the boiler;
• With an option to connect it with a UPS device;
• ECO mode – on activating this mode the water temperature set is automatically reduced down to 60°С to save electrical energy.
• Holiday mode, protecting the system from over heating when not used for a longer period of time;
• Applying combined electronic control proved to lead to additional electrical energy saving;
• ENERGY SAVING - the thick insulation of 40 mm CFC-free penopolyurethane foam ensures extremely low heat losses and saves money;
• LONG LIFE – water tank coated with a wear-proof zirconium enamel and two magnesium protectors for an optimal anti-corrosion protection of the whole volume;
• RELIABLE – with a reliable "6-level protection"
• External thermostat – for setting the water heating temperature;
• Temperature indicator – to read the water heating temperature;
• Combined safety valve – jointly acting as balance and non-reverse and differential valve;
• Elliptic flange with a special design - guaranteeing your safety;
• Electrical tube heater designed especially for this model and manufactured by a last generation technology.
• Illuminated switch.
• Modern design.



Water heater 80 L M2, Electronic control, Enameled